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Zionsville Fall Parade


Please be sure to read through this carefully!  There are changes to the line up this year due to construction at the High School. Please pass all of this information on to your parade participants as well. 


Welcome to the Zionsville Fall Festival Parade on Saturday September 11th.  Attached are the entries with their line up number at Zionsville High School.  Your vehicles, floats etc should arrive for lineup from 8am to 9am.  All participants should be in position in the lineup area no later than 9:15 am.  The parade steps off at 10 am.  This year our lineup will mostly be in the BACK of the high school instead of in front.


WHERE TO LINEUP: Find your group name on the attached spreadsheet and the attached sketch shows the lineup for this year’s parade.  This year the spots will actually be labeled so it’s important you stay in your spot.  Volunteers will be there to help you.  You will ONLY enter from Hal Sharpe Road and follow the arrows on the map.


DROP-OFF:  There is only 1 location to drop off and it’s imperative that everyone follow this route. It is marked on the attached map. If you have a number of participants, please use ride sharing and car-pooling to limit the number of vehicles arriving at the high school.  If you have to escort youngsters to their group, enter the high school parking area off Hal Sharpe Road, and proceed to the parking area.  You can then walk them to their group.


PARADE PARKING AREA: There is no area reserved for parade parking, it’s first come first serve.  Please note there are 3 other events happening at the High School at the same time so parking will be extremely limited. Please enter the High School off Hal Sharpe Road and see the map for available parking areas.


RESTROOMS:  Door 27 at the High School will be open for restroom use.  (See attached map)



Because of the danger to little children when they dart into the street to pick up tossed candy or favors, the Zionsville Police and the Lions Parade Committee are much stricter on enforcing the rule ‘do not throw handouts’. CANDY AND FAVORS SHOULD ONLY BE HANDED OUT BY WALKERS ALONG THE SIDE OF THE ROAD; ENTRIES WHO THROW FROM VEHICLES WILL BE ASKED TO STOP AND IF THEY PERSIST BE REMOVED FROM THE LINE OF MARCH. 


KEEP UP: Please keep your entry moving along.  Events are scheduled to start at the Fall Festival as soon as the parade ends.  If you want to do mini performances during the march, keep them short enough so that your entry can easily catch up to the group in front of you.  If you are having a problem with a vehicle or float, pull over to the side and let the groups behind you continue.  Rejoin the parade when your problem is resolved.  Please be considerate of the groups behind you in the march.


ANIMAL POOP: If you have animals in your entry, you are responsible for their “poop” either pick it up or have poop bags.  Animal entries without a means of keeping poop off the street or school grounds will not be allowed to participate.


PARADE END: Cars, trucks, floats will leave the line of march at the traffic light at the intersection of Main and Sycamore.  Walkers, golf carts, gators, can leave the line of march by turning left into the alley next to Old National Bank.


PARADE CANCELLATION:  In the unlikely event weather safety or some other issue, causes the parade to be cancelled, there will be a notice on the Zionsville Lions website and social media sites: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  There is no makeup date for the parade.


We are deeply grateful to Zionsville Community Schools for allowing us to use the school for our lineup.  Please make sure we are good guests, leave the lineup area clean and litter free, and do not abuse their hospitality.

HAVE FUN: Thanks for your cooperation, all we want is for everyone to be safe and have lots of fun!! 


Michelle Shepherd and Jill Reinhart

Zionsville Lions Club

Fall Festival Parade Chairs

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