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July 4th Parade Details for Volunteers

We are very excited to kick off the Tony Harris for Sheriff campaign events with the 4th of July Parade in Lebanon.  Thank you for signing up through Tony’s website to walk along side Tony in the Parade.


Notes for Sunday:


  1. The Parade will begin from the Lebanon High School parking lot Sunday, July 4 at 1pm. 

  2. Below is the entrant schedule for the Parade plus parade route.

  3. Please be present in the parking lot at our entry location by 12:00 noon.  Look for the Truck/Trailer with “Harris for Sheriff”

  4. We will have several golf carts joining the truck and trailer float.

  5. There will be Harris for Sheriff signage and shirts available for those joining Tony.

  6. Candy will be provided to hand out to parade patrons.

  7. Please be sure to bring plenty of water & refreshments for the day. 

  8. Lots of smiles and fun to be had along the parade route.  We are very excited to have Tony run for Sheriff and want to share that excitement with the parade goers!!


Parade Day Schedule


8:30 AM – 11:00 AM Parade entrants may begin arriving and setting up in the Lebanon High School parking lot. Enter the high school lot via the intersection of North Grant St. and Tiger Way.

10:00 AM All entrants interested in being judged must be in place by 10:00 am. Judging will begin. At least one representative must remain with the entry at all times until judging is complete.

11:00 AM All entries must be in place

11:30 AM Monetary awards and presentation banners will be distributed to the winning parade entries.

Note – The presentation banners are the property of the 4th of July Committee and must be returned at the conclusion of the Parade.

12:00 PM Drivers Meeting at the flagpoles to discuss traffic & safety details

12:30 PM All participants must be with their entry at this time.

National Anthem performed

12:40 PM Begin releasing entries to line-up

1:00 PM Parade begins

Please know your entire family is invited and be sure to share with your friends that you are walking with Tony and encourage them to join you.  Please be sure to share on your social media page ahead of July 4 that folks should look for you with Tony in the parade.


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