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Get to Know Tony

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I'm a Boone County native, born the last of six children to Tom and Barbara Harris.  My first teachers in life included my siblings Tom III, John, Beth, Kim and Bob.  I continue to reside in Boone County on a small farm with my wife Chastity and our four children Cale, Lilly, Abbie and Grady.  We have two dogs Aggie and Gus plus two longhorns Cash and Pearl.  We enjoy the simple life of spending down time with family and close friends.  Our hobbies include cooking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and the great outdoors in general. I've dedicated my entire life to this place I call home and continue to make it my number one priority to serve and protect.  


Current occupation:  Chief Deputy, Boone County Sheriff’s Office

Rank: Colonel


Began my career after graduating from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (Session 95-123)

Employment History:

1995- Hired Boone County Sheriff’s Office (Hudson) Deputy Sheriff

2006- Promoted to Sergeant 

2010- Promoted to Captain

2014- Promoted to Chief Deputy, Rank of Major

2021- Promoted to Colonel


Previous elected or appointed office: None

Precinct Committeeman, Boone County


Sheriff Mike Nielsen

Q&A With Tony

Actions Speak Louder Than Words


What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this office?

  • 26 years of continuous service with with Boone County Sheriff's Office

  • Earned promotions in the last 3 administrations

  • Voted by my fellow Team members as Assistant Team Commander and then Team Commander of the Boone County Special Response Team with 19 years of service.

What is your vision for the department and how will that differ from Sheriff Nielsen?

Build upon the strong foundation of previous leaders. Focus areas will change as community needs change.


What examples from your past would you cite as evidence you are a qualified candidate for the office?

Leadership as developed through promotions, leadership of the department’s divisions and being in charge of major incident scenes.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

Never turn down a person in need.


What else should the voters know about you and your campaign?

Family man, long time resident of Boone County, Mason with Charles Frank Lodge, Boone County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy, Instructor Principals in Defensive Handguns, Asst. Den Leader Cub Scouts, Spartan Endurance Race Contestant, Lebanon Kiwanis Club Member, Boone County, Boone County Leadership Academy

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