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Why I want to be your next Sheriff.

It all started after being introduced to then Sheriff Webb Allen of Boone County by my father Tom Harris in 1977.  I knew at that point being all of 6 years old exactly what I wanted to do in life,  be the Sheriff of Boone County.  Sheriff Allen was the size of our current Sheriff Mike Nielsen so you can only imagine the impact that had on a person of my size now let alone then! 

I was hired as a Deputy Sheriff by Ern Hudson on Jan 16, 1995 and started my career in enforcement.  Being dedicated to a career in law enforcement I have worked my way up through the ranks of Sergeant under the Brannon administration, Captain of Enforcement under the Campbell administration and Chief Deputy under the current administration by Sheriff Mike Nielsen holding the ranks of Major and now Colonel. Through my career I have had the responsibility to oversee the following divisions:  Enforcement, Corrections, Administrative, Civil and Chaplains. 

My current duties as assigned are overseeing all Divisions of the Sheriff’s Office.  Of all these Divisions I have been involved with the one with the most responsibility is the Corrections Division – Jail just by sheer liability that it holds for the safety and security of a high of 236 inmates at one time.  What’s that mean?  If it’s the Sheriff’s number one liability it is the counties’ liability and one I take very seriously.  I am in the jail on a daily basis meeting with command staff and inmates. I also spent 19 years on the SWAT TEAM serving as Operator, Assistant Team Leader and Commander which is a Multi Agency TEAM that at the time included Lebanon and Zionsville and now includes Whitestown. 


Boone County is in a crucial time with growth as I am being told that Boone County’s population is set to double in the next 10 years from the approx.: 70,000 residents to 140,000.  You deserve a Sheriff that can move this county forward with the safety and security that you need and deserve and I believe that I have the leadership necessary to put the people in place to do just that as your Sheriff.




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